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Hacker : What Would You Prefer To Be

As We Discussed in My Last Article About What is Hacking And It's Types. Now, In This Post We'll Discus About " Which Hacker You Should Be ". There Are Mainly Three Types Of Hacker's,

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  1. White Hat Hacker.
  2. Black Hat Hacker.
  3. Grey Hat Hacker.

Before That You Should Know About What Are White Hat, Black Hat & Grey Hat Hacker.  

White Hat Hacker

White Hat Hackers Commonly Known As Ethical Hackers All Around The World. Ethical Hacker is a Person or a Network Which Works on System Security on Behalf of The System Owner Seeking The Vulnerabilities or Weakness Of System That Black Hat Hacker Can Exploit. Ethical Hackers Are Commonly Owned By Some Companies Or Organization To Improve Their System or Network Security.

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Black Hat Hacker

Commonly, Black Hat is a Individual Unlike White hat or Ethical Hacker That Has Extensive Knowledge of Computers And Networks Whose Work is To Break System Security For Some Personal Gain. Black Hat Hackers Are Commonly Known As Crackers. Generally Black Hat Hackers Are Taken As Illegal Hackers.

Gray Hat Hacker

Gray Hat Hackers : They Are Hackers Which Are Combined Of Both White Hat & Black Hat Hackers. They Use Black Hat Techniques But Use It As White Hat Hackers. They Surf Internet And Hack Down Into Computer System For Sole Purpose of Notifying Computer Administrator That The System Has Weakness Or Has Been Been Hacked.

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So What Would You Choose

Now The Main Question That Arises Here is What To Choose, In Simple Way The Question is Which Hacker You Should Become White Hat, Black Hat or Gray Hat. According To Me I'd Prefer To Be a Black Hat Hacker or Gray Hat Hacker.

Why Black Hat or Gray Hat Why Not White Hat : According To Me, Hacking is Like River of Knowledge Which Needs To be Flow Continuously With Out Being Stopped. But If you Choose White Hat Hacking You Have To Do All Type Of Hacking And Testing Being Inside Government Rules And Regulations, But If You Choose Black Hat or Gray Hat you Are Free To Hack Anything You Can.

Please Answer The Poll " Which Hacker You Should Prefer To Be ".

Which Hacker You Should Prefer To Be

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